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GOD and Man - A Holistic View

Author: Yeap Teik Sinn (alias Tony Yeap)

Reflections on life's ultimate questions from first principles, the natural sciences and the Bible; integrating insights from multiple sources, and deriving a broad coherent worldview that satisfies both the heart and the mind.

This is a personal odyssey — the story of one man’s search for a broad and coherent worldview, a journey that led him into vigorous self-critical reflections and discovery from first principles, the natural sciences and the Christian Scripture. This exercise of re-examining inherited beliefs boldly, frankly and enthusiastically opened up for him new windows to insights that he had not realised or thought possible. Beginning with a review of root concepts like space, time, nothing, something, and moving on to the fundamental axiom ex nihil, nihil fit (nothing comes from nothing), the author arrives at Creation ex-Deo (Creation out of God) as the unifying ground for all existence and knowledge. The significance and import of this conclusion is laid out with refreshing clarity, breadth and depth in this bold work.
Reflection on life's ultimate questions has led the author to explore the Divine Nature and appreciate the real attributes of a truly personal, loving and sovereign God. Major doctrines and perplexing issues (such as the nature of man and the soul, death and immortality, heaven and hell, the enigma of evil) are critically reviewed and wholesomely understood leading the author further to a breakthrough in the scriptural understanding of freewill, foreknowledge and predestination — and more than a glimpse of the ultimate awesome destiny that awaits all mankind.
With the help of some groundbreaking researches (hardly known in theological circles) made in the natural and life sciences spanning more than the last 100 years, the author believes he has holistically resolved some theological puzzles that have engaged the Christian community for a very long time. This thought-provoking book, written with humility and candour, shares one man’s earnest spiritual quest with kindred spirits and fellow travellers on the road to truth and harmony.
The book breaks new grounds in theological and scriptural understanding, especially in addressing several fundamental issues associated with the Nature of God, Genesis Creation account, Intelligent Design, Classical Theism, Open View Theism, New Age Spirituality, Dispensationalism, Universal Salvation, and especially Divine Foreknowledge and Predestination. Remarkable discoveries such as made by Nobel Laureate Professor Hans Spemann, Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, Cleve Backster, Marasu Emoto, Professor Benjamin Libet (among a host of other scientists and their discoveries discussed in the book) dovetail as never before to support the concept of creation ex-Deo and the spiritual nature of man, thereby strongly confirming the Bible and the general intuition of mankind.
Sub-topics include: The Body Doesn't Lie, Consciousness, Kirlian Photography, Body Electric, Flatworms and Magnets, Near Death Experiences, Split Brain Studies, and experiments into Vibrational Energy.


For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity . . .
(Romans 1:20a World English Bible)
  (c) June 2006 - Yeap Teik Sinn - GODandMan.biz