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The Open View of God movement (sometimes known as Open View Theism, Freewill Theism, Openness View of God) is a movement of recent times within Evangelical Circles of America challenging the Traditional Classical View of an Absolute God.  Open View Theists believe that this view is more in tune with the Scriptural narrative of a Living, Relational and Dynamic God.

The following links provide a good overview of this View of God (along with some opposing views):

good overview

good overview

Site by John Sanders, proponent

Gregory Boyd's website, proponent

A dialogue between John Sanders and Chris Hall

Whilst the Open View of God has strong adherents, and has been attracting a good amount of attention and new adherents for a significant period of time, it is however officially rejected by Traditionalists recently.  Nevertheless, the insuppressible voice of the internet is carrying this rather earth-shaking "Second Reformation" to the attention of more and more believers worldwide.

Complementing the Open View of God is the View that the God of the Bible is a true anthropomorphic God -- a God Who is like human beings made after His image and likeness.  Man is therefore theomorphic (i.e. like God, in many ways).  The following links give a good summary of this View:

The Hand of God - A chapter in Rabbinic Anthropomorphism

Yahweh and the God of Christian Theology

The Anthropomorphic, Passionate God

Once it is seen that the God of the Bible is a personal, relational, anthropomorphic God, who lives in heaven together with Jesus Christ and a hierarchy of powerful spirit beings under them -- a Heavenly Spiritual Centre or Empire (Kingdom) occupying an area in Space, overseeing creation everywhere -- many puzzles that baffled theologians and thinkers over the years would be resolved quite easily.

Many levels of presuppositions held in combination in the belief systems of believers contribute to the varying, even conflicting, views of God despite their having a common Bible. Nothing short of a frank and honest total review of presuppositions starting from scratch (from first principles) would, in my view, clarify issues satisfyingly.  My book "GOD and Man - a Holistic View" is such an attempt.

For the invisible things of him since the creation of the world are clearly seen, being perceived through the things that are made, even his everlasting power and divinity . . .
(Romans 1:20a World English Bible)

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